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Natural Products:

No Preservatives, No Gluten, No Grains, No Fillers or By-Products,.

Simple. Pure. Honest.


Chicken Breast Jerky

Is an actual chicken breast, nothing else, sliced into strips and dehydrated. DOGS AND CATS LOVE IT


Steak and Supergreens

This is ground lean steak in which we add a few organic super greens. These greens are Organic Barley, Organic Kelp, Organic Parsley. Please see our Natural Ingredients page on how amazing these greens are for your kiddos. Great for DOGS AND CATS


Chliver Stix

Dehydrated Chicken Breast and Chicken Liver combined. The liver tends to give them more of a crunch than some of the other jerky treats. Mmmm..


Duck Feet

These are exactly that. Dehydrated duck feet. A tasty treat for younger dogs or dogs with stronger teeth! Small dogs naw on them which can entertain them for a few minutes! Bigger dogs just like the CRUNCH. Not to mention they are loaded with protein and chondroitin. See Natural Ingredients page for benefits!


Salmon Skin

100% Dehydrated Salmon Skin. This stinky crunchy snack is super delicious and healthy for DOGS AND CATS.


*NOTE They are a little smelly to us humans and they have visible oil on them. This is normal. To be on the safe side, it might be best not to feed this on any fabric (bedding, blankets or carpeted surfaces)


Yam Bams

Sweet Potato, Chicken Liver and Ground Flax seeds. These are slow cooked cookies that are great as treats or for training. They have a great crunch to them and are essential for a shiny coat and healthy skin!


586 Sticks

Entire chicken leg quarter, bone and all. Add in some chicken liver, flax seed and spearmint and you have a very delicious and nutritious snack that will keep your pup begging for more!


Beef Tendon

These long-lasting chews are dehydrated Tibial Tendons that are essential to the dogs who love a SERIOUS but HEALTHY CHEW. (Comparable to bully sticks with no smell) 


*NOTE: Because there are no preservatives, we recommend that you keep your bag or jar sealed in a cool dry place. You may store and serve directly from the freezer for the longest shelf life, up to 3 months! However, if you want to serve them room temp, try to consume within a month of purchase. See Guarantee on Home Page for more information.